eLearning Day Agenda - 3/31/2020

  • If you work with Mrs. Schwark for Math and/or Reading you can go to her page for your work.



    Good Morning!

    Happy Tuesday! Your work and opinions for your broadsides are amazing already!  Today I will wrap up the chapter October in Because of Mr. Terput, here is the video for that. 


    Today we will have a Google Meet at 10 am!  Here is the link for that.  I look forward to seeing you all!



    English Language Arts


    I can... write my own broadside. 


    Steps of the Lesson:

    1.  Contine working on the doc for your broadside.

    2.  Here are the characteristics of a broadside.

    3.  Complete this Google Form


    Work to be turned in:  

    • Personal Broadside Doc
    • Google Form 

    (45 - 60 minutes)




    I can... collect and represent data


    Steps of the Lesson:

    1.  Complete pages 339-340 in your Lesson 27C stapled packet.

    2.  Complete this Google Form


    Work to be turned in:

    • Pages 339-340
    • Google Form

    (45 - 60 minutes)





    Today we have Music and Gym!


    ART (Thursday)

    MUSIC (Tuesday and Friday)

    GYM (Tuesday and Friday) - This link will take you to Marsh Elementary's webpage, that is OKAY!