eLearning Day Agenda - 3/23/2020

  • If you work with Mrs. Schwark for Math and/or Reading you can go to her page for your work.



    Good Morning!

    I hope you had an amazing weekend!  Here is a video with a welcome message from me.  Here is video from Mrs. Smith! 


    Starting today we will be having daily Google Meet times set up for each day.  Today we will meet from 2:00-3:00, here is the link to join!  Please remember while in a Google Meet is it okay to chat with your classmates but remember that some students may have questions they need answered, so be respectful of that!


    In this doc you will find links to all of our Google Meets for the week, all of my contact information, and a daily schedule! 



    English Language Arts

    I can... write a first person point of view narrative of a character using details from the text in Act III, Scene 3 of Divided Loyalties


    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Watch this video

    2.  Complete this Google Form for your reading portion.  

    3.  Write a first person narrative about Robert.

          - Imagine you are Robert.

          - What are you thinking as you say goodbye to William?

          - What are you feeling as you say goodbye to William?

    4.  Complete this Google Form for your writing portion. 



    Work to be turned in:  

    • Google Form for Reading
    • Google Form for Writing  

    (60 - 90 minutes)





    I can... interpret circle graphs.


    Steps of the Lesson:

    1.  Watch this video.  

    2.  Complete this Google Form

    3.  Complete pages 329-330 in your Lesson 27B stapled packet.


    Work to be turned in:

    • Google Form 
    • Pages 329-330

    (45 - 60 minutes)







    We do not have any specials today!


    ART (Thursday)

    MUSIC (Tuesday and Friday)

    GYM (Tuesday and Friday) - This link will take you to Marsh Elementary's webpage, that is OKAY!