Extended eLearning Days

Extended elearning Days

  • Moore Resources on Google Classroom https://classroom.google.com/c/NTMzOTA3NTMwNDha

    Greetings students:

    I will be supporting the instruction that Mrs. Surma and Mrs. Gushrowski give you in Math. You can email me with questions about an assignment as you need to. I will specifically be available from 9-3 daily, but will also check my email at other times throughout each day. The same will go for ELA with Mr. Ramsey and Mrs. Collins. Remember to go to their teacher pages for directions and instructions.

    Monday and Wednesdays will be Math. 

    Tuesday and Thursdays will be ELA.

    Friday pass 1 Reading and 1 Math IReady lesson. Use Clever to get in please. I will be keeping track of your progress as well as Mr. Snyder. Go Moore Impact!!!

    I have a Google Classroom page with resources for both Math and ELA. I sent emails out to join, so please accept my invitation. The resources are available for all students no matter what teacher you have for Math or ELA. As teachers post their instruction and practice assignments, I will assist with practice examples, vocabulary definitions, or any other areas that need extra clarification or explanation.

    I also encourage you to read a good book. There are plenty of great reads at the public library and/or you can read the book you got from Barker's library. Also, I have posted a link on my Google Classroom page for Scholastic, which is offering free access during this time for some interesting articles to read and some creative things to make/do. Check it out.

    Stay healthy and get some much needed rest, but don't forget to complete your assigned work each day so that you do not fall behind. Your grades still matter, so DO YOUR BEST.

    Mrs. Moore