Setting Up Hangouts Meet Within Google Calendar

  • In the Google Hangouts Meet page, it explains how to create and invite people to a Hangouts Meet. However, it didn't go into detail on how to create a Meet for later.


    1. Go to and sign in with your school Gmail account.
    2. Click on the date that you wish to create a Meet for later on. It should look similar to below:

    Calendar Invite sample

    1. Add a title and time.
    2. If you created an email group with your students in it, you can use that group list to invite all of your students. Otherwise you will have to add them one-by-one.
    3. Click "Add location or conferencing"
    4. Then click "Add conferencing"
    5. It should automatically choose Hangouts Meet.
    6. When everything looks good, click on "Save"

    To get the link:

    1. Click on the event.
    2. It should open to a similar screen:

    Calendar Screen 3

    1. Then hover your mouse within the area of the red box (Step 1 within the picture).
    2. Click on the paper icon to copy the link to your clipboard (Step 2 within the picture).
    3. You can then share it in an email or post it onto your teacher page.