Software For e-Learning Resources

  • The following links provide steps or links to various software apps used by the school district. If you or students are having issues accessing or logging into the apps, then contact Help Desk by emailing with details or calling ext. 8359.

    General Software Guide
    Lists various links to software and assessment apps used by the district.


    MCAS has purchased a licensed version for all certified staff. When accessing Zoom, be sure to login with Google. This will add Zoom tools you would have with the free version. Click on Tips and Tricks to learn more. 

    Google Hangouts Meet
    An introductory video to Hangouts Meet.

    A Chrome browser extension that can be used to record your screen with basic video editing. Videos are automatically saved to your Google Drive.

    Embed Video from Screencastify
    Steps on how to embed a video from Screencastify.

    Verify Your YouTube Account
    To enable videos longer than 15 minutes, you will need to verify your YouTube account by providing a phone number.

    How to Setup Hangouts Meet for Later
    Provides steps needed to use Google Hangouts Meet for a later date/time within Google Calendar.

    Google Forms
    Provides an introduction to using Google Forms.

    Free Websites/Software for Extended Learning AND Teachers Support/PD!