• Good Morning classes!

    Happy eLearning!


    1. Do the Mastery Challenge in Khan Academy for warm-up.

    2. Complete the Quizizz eLearning 3/2/2020

    3. Geometry only - Look for a video for Monday's Spiral Review.



    AII.EL.5: Know that the inverse of an exponential function is a logarithm. Represent exponential and logarithmic functions using graphing technology and describe their inverse relationship.

    AII.EL.7: Represent real-world problems using exponential equations in one or two variables and solve such problems with and without technology. Interpret the solutions and determine whether they are reasonable.

    G.T.10: Use trigonometric ratios (sine, cosine and tangent) and the Pythagorean Theorem to solve real-world and mathematical problems involving right triangles.