• Welcome to E-Learning!  (Monday, March 16, 2020)

    For E-Learning days, all directions for assignments will be posted on this page.

    Some but NOT ALL assignments will need to be completed in Google Classroom. 

    Make sure you're working on ALL E-Learning assignments. Thank you!


    I can...

    • use what I read to answer questions.
    • refer to a text to support my answer. 

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Go to Google classroom and listen to the read aloud for "Two Bad Ants."

    2. Complete the "Two Bad Ants Reading Response" assignment in Google Classroom. Type your answers directly in the Google Doc. 

    3. Here is a link to another read aloud if you need to go back into the text to find your answers. It might be easier to see the pages. Read Aloud

    Work to be turned in: Two Bad Ants Reading Response (30 mins) 


    I can...

    • use conventional spelling for common words. 
    • use spelling patterns when writing.

    Steps of the Lesson 

    1. Go to Google classroom and you will work on an assignment titled "Spelling Words 3x." Once you're in Google Classroom, click on classwork and then you will see the assignment under the writing tab. You will need your spelling list for this assignment. I attached the spelling list to the assignment in Google Classroom. You are to type your spelling words three times each for words 1-15. Make sure you turn in the assignment when you're finished. 

    Work to be turned in:  Spelling Words 3x (20 min)


    I can...

    • I can use arrays to demonstrate multiplication.
    • I can use groups to demonstrate multiplication.

    • I can multiply fluently with 2, 5, and 10.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Go to Google Classroom and work on the "At Home Activity Packet." 

    2. Complete p. 4-5. You will need to write your answers on a seperate sheet of paper. Please label the page number that you're doing. Keep your answer sheets in your green folder. 


    Work to be turned in: p. 4-5 in the "At Home Activity Packet." 

              *DO NOT TURN IN on Google Classroom, All answer sheets will be collected when students come back to school. 


    No Science today!

    Social Studies

    No Social Studies today!


    We do have ART today! Click the appropriate link below and do the assignments for 3rd grade.