• eLearning Monday, March 2, 2020--GREY Day, 8th Grade Science

    I CAN...communicate and evaluate interests and ideas in writing and orally.

    I CAN…analyze appropriate career paths based on my interests and strengths.

    I CAN...use evidence to analyze, compare & contrast, reflect, and draw conclusions based on information.

    I CAN...utilize a variety of modern technologies to support my learning (Museum of Science & Industry school goal from school partnership)

    Connections to Indiana Standards:

    • Academic Standards:  Career Awareness connected to Science & Engineering Process Standards
    • Science Engineering & Process Standards:  SEPS.7 Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information
    • Science Literacy:  6-8.LST.1.2: Write routinely over a variety of time frames for a range of discipline-specific tasks, purposes, and audiences; 6-8.LST.5.1: Write arguments focused on discipline-specific content; 6-8.LST.7.3: Draw evidence from informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research.
    • College & Career Readiness/Awareness:  Domain--Exploring Careers:  Students investigate one or more Career Clusters and Indiana’s College and Career Pathways, based on individual interests, to further define career goals.
    • Employability Skills Standards:  Mindsets (M):  2.  Self-Confidence:  6-8.M.4 Demonstrate continuous growth in self-understanding AND Learning Strategies (LS):   10.  Effective Communication:  6-8.LS.1 Communicate information to audiences in a variety of format and 11. Aptitude Awareness:  6-8.LS.4 Identify possible career choices and high school course selection using self-assessment (including an appraisal of strengths, interests, and values)


    PART A:  Choose a CAREER of your interest for your assignment...

    1. Go to BecomeOpedia.com website
    2. Scroll down on to choose a career category of YOUR INTEREST
    3. Choose one career of your interest in that category
    4. Open and read about the career
    5. Open and “Make a Copy” of the “BecomeOpedia” document: BecomeOpedia Student Sheet
    1. Fill in the document based on the career chosen and submit to Google Classroom

    PART B:  Grading Period #3 ENDS March 6th

          1.  Please, Check RDS

          2.  For Science, ANY Missing Assignment, you MAY still complete and turn in!!

    PART C:   EXTRA CREDIT---Posted on Google Classroom (submit to Google Classroom)

    ** Complete an additional Career “BecomeOpedia” document from PART A above