• Always remember you can answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper or a Google Doc if you do not have the packet or cannot print it out.

    *** Send me a Google Hangout or chat on Go Guardian if you need help, or ask your parent to email me at ichildress01@mcas.k12.in.us.  ***


    ** 4th & 6th grades you have Music & Gym please visit their pages-Chambers and Barron.

    Google Classroom

    Look closely at each subject if you have a different assignment than the rest of the class you should see your initials.


    Whole Class: Check Google Classroom for an assignment from Ms. Ashley!!



    G.D & J.J. 

    "I can use ordering, grouping, and renaming of factors to solve multiplication problems."

    Please view the following Video: Using Order to Multiply while following along to page 54 & 55 of the attached packet.   Take a break and when you are ready complete pages 57 & 58 "Use Order to Multiply", this worksheet is your chance to demonstrate your understanding on the video lesson.


    Rest of the Class

    "I can compare tenths and hundredths in decimal form."

    Please view the followingVideo: Comparing Hundredths while following along to pages 246-247 of the attached packet: Compare Decimals

    Take a break and when you are done complete pages 257 & 258 "Compare Hundredths Decimals", This is your chance to demonstrate your understanding of the video lesson.

    Work to be turned in: the Practice Worksheets (20 min.)



    G.D. and J.J.

    "I can use information gained from illustration and the words in a text to demonstrate understanding of the text."

    Please complete pages 284-285 & 288 of the packet: Connecting Words and Pictures.


    Rest of the class

    "I can interpret information presented visually, orally, or quantitatively and explain how the information contributes to an understanding of the text in which it appears."

    Please complete pages 356-357 & 360 of the attached packet: Interpreting Visual Information.  


    Work to be turned in- Answers to assigned pages including the SHORT RESPONSE(30 min.)



    Whole Class 

    " I can respond to a writing prompt in complete sentences."

    Brainstorm and complete a rough draft in response to the prompt:The 5 things  that would be most valuable if I were stuck inside the house for a month"

    Come up with 5 things you would want or need if you were stuck inside for a month.  Include why you chose each item.  Remember to include an introduction, supporting details, and a conclusion.

    Thursday you will proofread and edit this rough draft, so don't loose it.  You may want to type it up in a Google doc and share that with me!




    Work to be turned in: Response to writing prompt (25  min.)




    Social Studies

    Whole Class

    We are continuing with the American Civil War.  Please follow along with the Video:Fort Sumter and answer the questions in your own words on a Google Doc or piece of paper.


    Work to be turned in: Answers to questions (20 min.)