• Rental Guidelines

    • No furniture or equipment shall be used or moved unless specifically requested and approved.
    • Anyone renting/using a school facility is responsible for assigning a person at a designated entrance door. This person will be responsible for allowing only members of their group to enter the facility. Under no circumstances are building entrance doors allowed to be "propped open," or individuals, other than your group members, allowed access to the building.
    • Groups granted exemption of rental charges by the MCAS Board of Trustees are still responsible for fees associated with any required or additional services, equipment, and/or damages incurred.
    • Groups granted exemption of rental charges by the MCAS Board of Trustees must provide a financial report (profit/loss statement) following the event.
    • Michigan City Area Schools reserves the right to require a certificate of liability insurance be provided along with the facility usage application, for an amount of not less than $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence for bodily injury, and not less than $100,000 per occurrence for property damage. The Plant Planning Director will make the final decision concerning the insurance coverage and certificate.


    1. Users must take reasonable steps to ensure orderly behavior and will be responsible for paying for all damage associated with their use of the facility or equipment.

    2. The Corporation reserves the right to request payment of estimated fees in advance.

    3. Use of tobacco is prohibited within any Corporation building at any time. All users are responsible for complying with this regulation.

    4. Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances will not be permitted on Corporation property at any time.

    5. Decorations must be fireproof and shall be erected and taken down in a manner not destructive to Corporation property. Decorations are subject to approval of the Plant Planning Director. The use of open flames, such as candles, is permitted only with written permission from the fire marshal.

    6. The user shall be fully responsible for all loss or damage to Corporation property, including property of students and employees.

    7. Requests for Corporation-owned equipment are not included in the direct or indirect costs and shall be charged based on request and type of equipment.

    8. The use of any materials on floors or other parts of the building is strictly prohibited without specific approval in writing from the Plant Planning Director.

    9. Uses of stages, furniture, and equipment must be arranged for in advance. Set-up and clean-up may be performed by members of the group using the facility, provided the responsible persons are listed on the application. Additional custodial services required for work not done satisfactorily will be paid for by the using group.

    10. Arrangements must be made in advance for use of any special or extra equipment. Groups will be charged for the extra equipment at competitive and customary rates. Extra compensation paid employees for moving, operating, or supervising special or extra equipment will be charged to the using group.

    11. All usages of the facilities will automatically be cancelled for any day requiring unscheduled school closings or early dismissals.

    12. Use during summer vacation, on holidays, or during other vacation periods shall not conflict with building, cleaning, and renovating programs and will depend on the availability of building service personnel for supervision.

    13. Gambling of any kind is prohibited.

    14. A school custodian shall be on duty whenever deemed necessary by the Plant Planning Director. The custodian will render custodial assistance in handling furniture and equipment and will be responsible for seeing that the facility or facilities are left in good order after the activity is over. The custodian's overtime, including clean-up time, will be charged at the current hourly rate. Food Service personnel shall be required, in addition , when kitchen facilities are requested. Performing Arts personnel shall be required, in addition, when Auditorium facilities are requested. Pool personnel shall be required, in addition, when pool facilities are requested.

    15. Responsibility for enforcement of rules and regulations concerning use of Corporation facilities rests with the user group, and any infractions of the above regulations may be grounds for refusing to grant subsequent requests for the use of Corporation facilities.

    16. Corridors, exits, and stairways must be free of obstructions at all times. Exits are to be lighted when facilities are in use. Members of audience or spectators must never stand or sit so they block exits, stairways, or aisle ways.

    17. The Corporation will not be responsible for any loss of valuables or personal property.

    18. No flyers, booklets, or other printed or audio-visual materials may be distributed unless they relate directly to the activity for which the school facilities are being used.

    Use Of Corporation Facilities

    1. Approved applications for facility use, when charges are involved, must be accompanied with payment of estimated fees when requested by the Plant Planning Director.

    2. The Plant Planning Director will clear each application with respect to date, time, and other arrangements and will provisionally approve or deny the use of school facilities on the basis of Board policy and status of any outstanding balances regarding payment of fees due the Corporation.

    3. The Plant Planning Director will notify the facility administrator of all approved requests.

    4. Charges for school personnel shall be based on the customary hourly overtime rate of pay for persons in the respective job classification (custodian, cook, etc.) whenever extra pay for school employees is required as a result of additional services having been provided.

    5. The Corporation reserves the right to demand sufficient time for full investigation, notice, and arrangements of all requests for the use of school facilities and reserves first claim to the use of its own property. Cancellations may be issued by the Plant Planning Director with or without due notice. All approvals are to be granted with this understanding.

    6. In no case will those who have been granted permits assign, transfer, sublet, or charge a fee to others for the use of school property.

    7. All rental fees and any additional costs which may be assessed will be billed the month after the activity occurs and shall be paid no later than thirty days following the date the activity was billed. A monthly service charge of 1 1/2% shall be added to any outstanding balance which is not paid within 30 days of the date the facility is used. If you wish to see a list of charges for rentals - Click Here

    8. Any group who wishes concessions be offered during the activity must make this request at the time the reservation is made for utilization of the facility. The sale of all concessions shall be in the control of the facility administrator. No rental group shall be allowed to bring in its own concessions for sale without authorization from the facility administrator.

    9. Groups renting a facility must confine their activity to the specific area which has been rented. At no time may a member of the group linger in the hallways, classrooms or any other area which has not been specifically rented to the group. The adult supervisor  of the group will be responsible for seeing that all members of the group stay in the location rented. An administrator in the Michigan City Area Schools may remove any member of the group or discontinue the activity if any rules of the Michigan City Area Schools are violated.

    10. Any group renting a facility or any portion of a facility of the Michigan City Area Schools hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Michigan City Area Schools, its employees, agents and Board of Trustees from any and all liability arising from or related to in any way the use of the facility including costs of dissent, judgments, settlements and attorney's fees.

    11. Cancellations are required to be made a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours in advance of scheduled usage to the office of the Plant Planning Director. Groups will be required to pay all agreed upon fees as described within the contract whenever cancellations are not made within the minimum forty-eight (48) hour notice, whether or not the usage occurred.

    12. Any group not directly associated with MCAS and it's programs/activities seeking to be exempt of rental charges for a particular usage must do so in writing to the MCAS Board of Trustees. The written request shall be submitted, along with the facility usage application, to the office of the Plant Planning Director.

    13. Groups granted exemption of rental charges will still be responsible for fees associated with any required additional services and/or damages.

    14. The exemption of charges as authorized by the MCAS Board of Trustees will not apply for scheduled events that do not materialized (i.e. groups will be charged for no-shows). This does not apply to cancellations due to closings of schools.

    If you wish to see a list of charges for rentals - Click Here