Monday, March 2, 2020

eLearning for Monday, March 2, 2020

  • Hello Students:

    Today is an eLearning Day. We will not be in the classroom, however, today still counts as a day of school and you are expected to complete the work assigned to you for each class you would attend if you were in school today. Make sure to check on each teacher's page and complete the assigned work. 

    Math Blocks: Mrs. Surma and Mrs. Gushrowski have a review quiz over skills you've been working on in class. Remember to use the code they have assigned for that quiz. You can take the math quiz more than once to better your score. I have included math resources below to help in case you forgot to bring home your notebook.

    ELA Blocks: Mr. Ramsey and Mrs. Collins have assigned a CommonLit article to read and respond to. Read carefully for information taking notes if you feel that would better help you repond to the text then follow all directions given.

    Feel free to email me throughout the day with any questions you might have or if you need help.  Enjoy your day.

    Mrs. Moore


     Math Resources


    Circle Review Formulas Circumference example Area example

    Volume of Pyramids Volume of Pyramid Example Roation rules/Coordinates Transformations Find Distance between points Eample of finding distance between two points Square Roots Multiplication chart Dilations Example 1 Dilations example 2

    Dilations example 3 Solving Systems by Graphing