eLearning Day Agenda

  • E Learning Day 3-2-20

    Gray Day  Codes for Google Classroom if you have not already enrolled in the class.


    8th Wellness 2nd Block  Code :  acnn5yt

    8th Wellness 4th Block Code : 4a5t464

    7th Wellness 5th Block Code : kszksab

    Wellness 7 and 8 Gray Day Assignment is in Google Classroom.  


    I can identify the negative impact smoking has on various parts of the body.


       Lessson Objectives:

    1. Go to your google classroom to obtain your assignment. 

    2. Click on the link in the google doc to watch the correct video. 

    3. Answer the questions on the doc handout.

    4. Submit your answers via google doc to the classroom or if you are unable you can email me your doc with the answers.

    5. If you missed any of the questions- rewatch the video. 

    6. If you have any questions feel free to email me  rlabis@mcas.k12.in.us 






    E-Learning -2-26-20 Blue Day

     Blue Day Codes

    • 8th Grade Wellness Code 2nd Block - yzavq4

      7th Grade Wellness Code 4th Block - i0f2g4q

      7th Grade Wellness Code 5th Block - u0vlcns




      I can Identify and Define common Phobias.


      Lesson Description:

      Steps of the Lesson

      1. Go to your Google Classroom and review the list of Phobias on the google doc.(codes (BLUE) are listed at the top of this page if you have not signed up for the Google Classroom).

      2. Use the internet to look up the definition for each Phobia in the Google Classroom assignment.

      3. Match the correct Phobia with its definition.

      4. Submit the assignment via Google Classroom , or make a copy of the assignment and email me it when you finish. 



      Email me    rlabis@mcas.k12.in.us  with any questions you may have