• Today you will take a test on the most recent material.

    Geometry - Triangle Similarity, Medians, Angle Bisectors, and Altitudes (3 quizzes)
    Algebra 2 - Exponents and Radicals (2 quizzes)

    These will be taken on quizizz.com and I will keep the testing window open for the next few days (provided there are no complications). The link for each will be sent to your Quizizz classroom. Let me know if you have problems accessing it.


    AII.CNE.4: Rewrite algebraic rational expressions in equivalent forms (e.g., using laws of exponents and factoring techniques).

    G.T.5: Use properties of congruent and similar triangles to solve real-world and mathematical problems involving sides, perimeters, and areas of triangles. G.T.6: Prove and apply the inequality theorems, including the following: triangle inequality, inequality in one triangle, and the hinge theorem and its converse. G.T.7: State and apply the relationships that exist when the altitude is drawn to the hypotenuse of a right triangle. Understand and use the geometric mean to solve for missing parts of triangles. G.T.8: Develop the distance formula using the Pythagorem Theorem. Find the lengths and midpoints of line segments in one- or two-dimensional coordinate systems. Find measures of the sides of polygons in the coordinate plane; apply this technique to compute the perimeters and areas of polygons in real-world and mathematical problems.