• E-Learning Day


    E-Learning 1/30/2020

    • I can: tell the difference between Newton's Laws.

      Lesson Description: Newton's Laws Presentation.

      Steps of the lesson: Go to Quarter 3, Chapter 3 Newton's Laws, open the Newton's Laws Presentation. Make a document that states what each law is and an example of each and send it to my email: gchappell01@mcas.k12.in.us


      Physics 1 

      I can: Use formulas to solve for momentum and impulse.

      Lesson Description:Take the Chapter 9 test on Blackboard.

      Steps of the lesson: Go on Blackboard, open the link for Content on the left of the page. Your test should pop up, it will allow one attempt so answer carefully. Only put your final answer on the test, but write all your work on a sheet of paper. I will collect the paper Monday when we return so I can give partial credit if appropriate.