e-Learning Day

  • Welcome to e-Learning Day!  

     Date Assigned:   1/30/20                  Due Date: 2/6/20

    All of your assignments will be accessed through Google Classroom under the subject/topic heading.  Please see the info below for each subject and go to Google Classroom to view, do, and submit your assignments.  


    How to access Google Classroom?  Go to Clever then connect to Google Classroom.

    *(If Clever does not "remember" your Google account, it is your regular Chromebook username@mcas.k12.in.us and the password is your regular Chromebook password)* 



    I can: __answer questions referring explicitely to the text as the basis for the answers._________ 


    Steps of the Lesson: 

    1. Go to Google Classroom under Topic: Reading

    2. Do morning work assignment titled: __ReadWorks: Inspiring Athletes_________(access through Google Classroom)

    3. Do reading lesson titled: Elearning 1/30-Reading: ReadWorks: Hispanic Population (access through Google Classroom)

    3. Submit assignment on __ReadWorks and mark as "turn in" on Google Classroom _______


    Work to be turned in: 

    checkmark  ___ReadWorks: Article of the Day________

    checkmark  ___Elearning 1/30: ReadWorks: Hispanic Population_______


    I can: __solve real life problems involving time________


    Steps of the Lesson: 


    1. Go to school website, learning place, clever, then ready math

    2. Complete the tutorial and quiz that is assigned about time  


    Work to be turned in: 

    checkmark Results will submit automatically on Ready (mark as "turn in" on Google Classroom) 




    I can: ___write routinely over time for different purposes._________


    Steps of the Lesson: 

    1. Go to Google Classroom under Topic: Writing

    2. Do assignment titled: __Elearning 1/30-Writing-Create a Poem _____

    3. Submit assignment on _(Google Doc will save and submit automatically)______

    4. Click mark as Turn In" on Google Classroom  


    Work to be turned in: 

    checkmark  ____Poem________




    We have _Music and PE_____ today.  Please click on the link for that special below and complete the assignments on their page for our class.  






    If you receive services from Mrs. Richardson, please see her page for accommodations and help with completing our classwork. 




    Please Dojo me, email me, or leave a comment on Google Classroom's "Stream" if you have any questions.