• E-Learning - 1/30/2020 & 1/31/2020e-Learning Day

    7th Grade Math

    C. Parsons



    I can... express slope as vertical change per unit of horizontal change. (7.AF.4)

    I can... factor and expand linear expressions with rational coefficients using the distributive property.   

    I can... apply properties of operations to add, subtract, factor, and expand linear expressions with rational coefficients. (7.AF.1)

    BLOCK 2

    Steps of the Lesson(s):

    1. Log into Quizziz or Google Classroom to get to the following two quizzes: 

    1. Finding Slope from Graph Quiz.  You may take as many times as you like to get your BEST score; there are 13 questions (Game code is 827738).
    2. Slope Quiz.  You may take as many times as you like to get your BEST score; there are 20 questions (Game code is 568875).  Watch video in Khan Academy on Quadrants of the Coordinate Plane and take notes. (Video will be helpful for this quiz)

    2.  Start new project! Collective Math Terms assignment in google classroom! Add the definitions and example or picture to at least 10 words in the word bank.  Feel free to add terms you have learned throughout the year! 

    3.  Complete and pass 2 iReady Math lessons. (One for Thursday and one for Friday)

    4.  GET CAUGHT UP ON KHAN! Complete remaining Khan assignments that are due this week!

           Here is some support for what we have gone over in class! 

           Video - Area and CircumferenceVideo - Area and Circumference

           Video - Constant of proportionality, slope, unit rate! 


    Work to be turned in:

    Get caught up on iReady Lessons & Khan Academy!

    • 20 iReady Math Lessons completed by Sunday, February 1st!
    • KHAN Goal: 67% in 7th and 8th by Sunday, February 1st!

    I will be available Thursday and Friday via e-mail to answer any questions you may have.  Stay HEALTHY, safe & warm; have a great day and weekend!