• eLearning Thursday, January 30, 2020--GREY Day, 8th Grade Science

    **Make SURE when you open the document in Google Classroom, go up to "File" and choose "Make a Copy" to create your own document to type into...THANK YOU!!

    I CAN analyze a current science article and relate to the importance of the scientific discovery/investigation and the impact to our real lives.

    Science Standards:  LST 1-7 (Science Literacy Standards)

    PART A

    1. Use the DOGO News website to choose a current SCIENCE article of your choice:  https://www.dogonews.com/category/science
    2. Open the "Science Article" Google Document:  Science Article Google Doc
    3. Go to the "File" menu at the top
    4. Scroll to the "Make a Copy" command
    5. Put your NAME into the Google Document Title & Title of the Science Article you choose to read
    6. Read your article and respond on the Google Document about your article
    7. SUBMIT through Google Classroom


    PART B

    ** EXTRA CREDIT:   You may complete an additional from the above to submit for a different Science Article for EXTRA CREDIT

    ** Grading Period Ends March 6th---Only 5 weeks away!