Indiana STEM School

We are certified to be a STEM school again!




    • Technology
      • All students are provided with Chromebooks and/or iPads.This makes the STEM curriculum more accessible and provides accommodations to learners with disabilities, ie: built-in text-to-speech, text enlargement, Google voice typing and other flexible supports allowing learning to be customized. 
      • Learning apps can ‘hook’ students with disabilities and keep them engaged more effectively than pens, paper and textbooks alone, ie: iReady, Prodigy, Raz-Kids, SumDog, StarFall, etc. 
      • Computer Sciences such as coding websites and Ozobots help students with disabilities embrace failure and encourage risk-taking. Coding lessons help students embrace the idea that it’s OK to fail multiple times before they succeed.
    • Classroom Planning
      • General Education and Student Support Teachers work collaboratively to provide equitable STEM curriculum for all. 
        • Weekly common plan times for General Ed. and Student Support to plan together. 
        • Collaborative IEP consultation to ensure students’ with disabilities are receiving appropriate accommodations and/or modifications during STEM lessons/activities. 
        • Gen Ed./ Support Service collaboratively brainstorm different ways that STEM content can be represented to make science learning goals comprehensible to learners with a wide range of learning needs, ie: incorporating audio and/or visual representations of vocabulary and text, incorporating music and/or videos (Discovery) into STEM lessons
        • Gen Ed and Support Service work together to provide multiple means to express what they know, ie: offer options that involve no tech, low tech or high tech approaches such as paper pencil, Google Docs, whiteboards, posters, engineering projects, performances/short plays, online assessment programs 
    • STEM Night/Study Trips
      • General Education and Student Support Teachers work together to execute successful STEM nights and study trips by aligning activities to grade level standards and work together to provide any necessary support(s) for students with disabilities.