• Acceptable Use/Email Policy

    Michigan City Area Schools

    Because of the ever-changing nature of technology, not all possible violations can be covered in this policy. Nevertheless, the Michigan City Area Schools is ready to take immediate action when individuals violate system integrity.The use of computers is a privilege, not a right.  Violations may result in a loss of computer access as well as other disciplinary and/or legal action.

    Students accept personal responsibility for all activity while using a computer or other school owned equipment. The student and parents will be held accountable for damage and repair costs.

    The activities listed below are not permitted:

    1. Damaging or defacing the network, hardware, and/or software.

    2. Sharing your password, using another person’s password, or allowing another person to use the computer under your login.

    3. Setting, changing, or removing passwords on any district computer or wireless device.

    4. Giving personal information, such as complete name, phone number, address or identifiable photo, without permission from teacher and parent or guardian.

    5.Accessing  “Gaming sites” or the playing of games, chat rooms, bulletin boards, or instant messaging, except use of resources that have been assigned by the teacher.

    6. Using the network for cheating, plagiarism, fraud, financial gain, or commercial purposes

    7. Installing or downloading software, shareware, or freeware on school-owned equipment.

    8. Viewing, sending, displaying, or transmitting offensive materials such as those that are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate, unsolicited or potentially offensive to some people.

    9. Cyberbullying - defined as overt, repeated acts or gestures, including verbal or written communications transmitted; or any other behaviors committed by individuals or groups of people against another with the intent to harass, ridicule, humiliate, intimidate, or harm the other. Violations off campus (regardless of whether using school owned equipment) that cause a disruption of the school environment are also subject to appropriate school discipline and/or legal action.

    10. Violating federal, state, or local laws, copyright laws, and/or license agreements.

    11. Accessing files, information, or any other resources (hardware or software) to which you have not been given the specific right of access.

    12. Engage in any other activity deemed inappropriate by the administration, or discovered by any staff that may cause or tend to cause substantial disruption to school activities.

    This is an evolving document. All additions and changes will become effective immediately upon posting to the MCAS district technology website. All changes to this document will be made through the MCAS K-12 Technology Committee.

                                           Student Email Policy

    Michigan City Area Schools

    Uses for MCAS Student Email

    Email can be a powerful tool for students, increasing communication and collaboration. For example, teachers may send email to their students to communicate reminders and course content, to pose questions related to classwork, and for other instructional purposes. Students may send email to their teachers with questions or comments regarding class or to turn in an assignment. Students are encouraged to check their email at least once per day.

    General Email Guidelines for Students

    Email is to be used for school-related communication only. Student email is also covered by the student Acceptable Use Policy. These guidelines cannot possibly cover all unacceptable activities because of the ever-changing nature of technology. MCAS staff will take immediate action when individuals violate school rules or abuse the technology.

    The activities listed below are not permitted:

    ● Sending harassing email messages or content.

    ● Sending offensive email messages or content.

    ● Sending  spam email messages or content.

    ● Sending  email containing a virus or other malicious content.

    ● Sending or reading email at inappropriate times, such as during class instruction.

    ● Sending  email to share test answers or promote cheating in any way.

    ● Using another person’s account.

    Limits on Email Senders and Recipients

    The Gmail accounts provided to our students are only for use within the school district. This is to provide another way for students to communicate with their teachers. The following limits are set on email use:

    ● MCAS students can email all staff.

    ● MCAS students cannot email anyone outside of the MCAS domain.

    ● MCAS students cannot receive email from outside of the MCAS domain.

    Because no email can come in from outside of the school district, students will not receive spam, unsolicited messages, or anything inappropriate from the outside world. Also, students cannot send messages to people who are not staff or students in our district. Monitoring and filtering of email  that is sent within our district is monitored and filtered based upon content. All student email passes through Google’s Message Security system. Rules/filters are setup to monitor student email for profanity, harassment, and other inappropriate content.

    Student email that is identified as inappropriate will be blocked from delivery, and instead may be sent to the school administration for review.

    Consequences of Misuse of Email

    Use of the computer network and/or Internet is an integral part of research and class work, but abuse of this technology can result in loss of privileges. Students could also face additional disciplinary or legal action.