December 9th e learning assignment

  • Both 7th and 8th graders will put your answers in a google doc and share/e mail it to me @ cbrennan01@mcas.k12.in.us.

    7th graders answer the following five questions and submit

    1.Why is it important for an engineer to understand various forms of energy?

    2.Explain what the law of conservation of energy means in your own words.

    3. Why is it dangerous for our country to be dependant on fossil fuels?

    4. What are some of the global consequences of burning fossil fuels?

    5. Describe an advantage of using a renewable resource.



    8th graders answer the following four questions and submit

    1.In what ways are civil engineers and architects similiar?

    2. Why is teamwork important in civil engineering?

    3. What are two different areas of civil engineering?

    4. Why are elevation drawings helpful to clients?