Take Home Test

  • Unit 2 Take Home Test

    If you did not receive the take home test on Friday, please complete using a line sheet of paper. 


    Rules for the take home test...

    • You may use whatever resourse you would like.
      • Mom, dad, grandparents, aunt, uncle, friend, brother, sister, teacher
      • Calculator and chromebook
      • Notes, book
    • Working together with another student is fine, copying is not.  Similiar answers are allowed and expected.  
    • It will be graded for accuracy, or what questions you complete correctly.
    • If you complete this by 2:15PM on Tuesday you will be awarded 5 points extra credit.
    • It must be written in your handwriting.

    This is serving as a review for the MOY and the Mid Term Exam coming up this month. The assignment is due Thursday, after that it is consider late.


    Standards Covered