e-Learning Instructions

e-Learning Instructions

  • Monday December 9th , 2019 



    Good morning!

    • Go to Newsela and find the assignment for Reading.
    • Go to Clever to access Moby and there is a math assignment.
    • Watch CNN 10 for Social Studies.

    I cannot wait to see you all back at school tomorrow! Please email me/ Bloomz/ or message me through Google Classroom if you have any questions!  

    -Mrs. Olson


    I can read a passage and cite evidence to support answers to questions.

    1. Go to Newsela and click on the Newsela assignment. 
    2. Carefully read and answer all guided reading questions. 
    3. Complete Quiz and click submit
    4. This assignment is due no later than Thursday 12/12. 



    I can Solve math problems involvoing adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals.

    1. Go to MCAS webpage and click on learning place to access Clever.
    2. Sign into Clever and click the "assignments" tab.
    3. Click on the top assignment which is titled "Decimals"
    4. Complete the lesson carefully. Use tools to solve and answer correctly. 
    5. This assignment is due no later than Thursday 12/12. 

    Social Studies/Science

    I can watch a video and reflect on current events occuring in our world.

    1. Go https://www.cnn.com/CNN10/
    2. Watch CNN Student News and reflect
    3. This assignment is due no later than Thursday 12/12.


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