• eLearning Monday, December 9, 2019--BLUE Day, 7th Grade Science--BUT, 8th grade may spend the day completing the same...

    **Make SURE when you open the document in Google Classroom, go up to "File" and choose "Make a Copy" to create your own document to type into...THANK YOU!!

    I CAN design an experiment, conduct the experiment, analyze and reflect on the data collected and communicate my project (share my findings).

    Science Standards:  SEPS 1-8 (Science and Engineering Process Standards) and LST 1-7 (Science Literacy Standards)

    STEM Fair Project

    1.  Conduct your STEM Fair Project testing!

    2.  Use the Google Classroom Assignment for STEM Fair Project Board TEMPLATE to input your information for all the parts of your project.

    3.  Complete your tri-fold board with all of your information for your project.

    4.  Bring your completed project board in December 18th.

    ** See the "STEM Fair" link on this website for information and STEM Fair Board TEMPLATE (also on Google Classroom) **

    ** STEM Fair Projects are worth 2 PROJECT GRADES for Grading Period #2---DUE December 18th **

    ** If you do not have an available way to print your STEM Fair Project Board items, you MAY hand write your items for your board **

    ** Elite projects will advance to STEM Fair Round #2 in January for community judging **