e-learning 1/30 & 1/31 2020

Extended e-learning now -??????

  • Extended E- learning

      Good Morning,  We are about about begin the challenge of extended E-learning and virtual teaching.  Ok kids stop laughing:) 

    * All My students brought a backpack with an activity folder and classroom supplies on Friday.

    * I will post an outline on here for the week but my assignments  and other activities will be posted on google classroom.  There will be something for your child to do everyay.  Kids please make sure you complete your assignments and either turn in though google classroom or electronic means or put back in your folder for when we return.

    *  I can be reached with any questions and can help students or parents through google meet, chat, email  dlynch@mcas.k12.in.us

    *  Food is available during this time  check MCAS webpage and Comcast has stepped up to help families also  see foolwing info below

    Reading and Language Arts

    I can locate important information or details in a story after reading a passage.

    I can summarize information read.

    I can comprend a variety of grade level appropriate literature.

    I can use context clues to determine or words and phrases.

    I can demonstrate a command of grammar and useage.

    I can use a variety of sentences in written response.


     I can round numbers to the thousands place.  

    I can solve 2 step equations involving real world problems.


    Weekly schedule

    Monday - ThursdayComplete assignments 

    I will post assignments and vidoes to  Google classroom. Students are asked to complete attendance form and submit daily.



     * Complete daily bootcamp assignment

    *  Complete your daily math Drop in the bucket

    *  Assignments and videos are being loaded daily on my google classroom page.

    * Don't forget to use code.org.

    *  PE activities will be also posted

    Have fun be safe

    Miss you already

    Ms Lynch