eLearning Day Objectives 12/9/2019

  • Problem Based Technology

    e-Learning Day  

    Coder and Computer

    December 9, 2019

    e-Learning Objective:

          The objective of this eLearning Day assignment is to continue our lessons uninterupted. Our lessons will be challenging for you, just like they would be in class. You will learn more about coding as the lessons progress and become more confident in your work.

    Lesson Objective:

          The objective of this assignment is for the student to demonstrate knowledge in:

    Gr 7: problem solving, web development, and animations & games

    Gr 8: web development, animations & games, and the design process

    As a coder I can:

    1. Develop appropriate algorithms using pseudo-code (work in a simplified coding program such as Code.org, Scratch or other such programs)

    1. Write code to implement algorithms (create coding projects)

    2. Test the code (run the program)
    NOTE: eLearning assignments count as a regular assignment,  just as if we were in the classroom, so if you do not complete your work, it will be counted against your grade and attendance, so PLEASE ask questions so you can stay on top of your grades.

    I am available if you need assistance,  just email me at gdavis01@mcas.k12.in.us