• E-Learning - 11/12/2019e-Learning Day

    7th Grade Math

    C. Parsons



    I can... classify a graph as linear or nonlinear.

    I can... match the graph of a function to a given situation.

    I can... find the slope and yintercept in a linear function


    BLOCK 2

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Recently our focus has been functions, linear functions, & Slope intercept form.  

    2. Log into Quizizz or Google Classroom to get the 2 quizizz assignments for today:

    Quizizz 1: y=mx + b

    Quizizz 2: Test 1 Quarter 2 Review

    You may take the quiz 2 times get your BEST score!

    3.  If you are struggling with these quizzes.  A few videos are posted in google classrom! 

    You MUST get caught up on Khan and iReady Lessons!

    • 10 iReady Math Lessons completed by December 15th!
    • KHAN Goal: 45% by Sunday, November 17th!  However, if you get 45% by Wednesday, you will get to participate in games! 

    I will be available all day today via e-mail to answer any questions you may have.  Have a great day!