Good morning and welcome to our E-Learning Day! Please complete the assignments throughout the day so we can continue our scheduled lessons once we return to school. I will be available throughout the day via e-mail, jkorpak@mcas.k12.in.us, or Class Dojo if you have questions.

  • Due November 15th.

    E-Learning I Can Statements:


    I Can...

    I can ask questions about key details in a text.

    I can answer questions about what happens in a text.

    I can demonstrate my understanding of a text by asking and answering questions.


    Steps of the lesson...

    Watch The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen Read Aloud.  Click the link below.

    The Hula-Hoopin' Queen


    Work to be turned in...

    Answer Questions on a piece of paper to turn into your teacher.

    1. BEFORE READING THIS STORY, what do you think this story might be about?  Make a prediction.

    2. AFTER LISTENING TO THE STORY, What is the plot of the story?  Remember the plot is the beginning, middle and end of a story.

    3. What is the problem in the story?  How is the problem solved?

    4. How would you describe Kameeka? Why?

    5. Create a question you can ask your classmates.



    I Can...

    I can identify the tens and ones place values in a number.

    I can decompose a two-digit number.


    Steps of the Lesson...

    Watch the video.  

    Place Value 


    Count base ten blocks for 5 to 10 minutes.  MAKE SURE TENS AND ONES ARE ALL CHECKED WHEN YOU PLAY.

    Base Ten Block Bingo


    Work to be turned in...  on a separate sheet of paper.

    1. Write the expanded form for 37.

    2. Write the expanded form for 48.

    3. Write the expanded form for 49.

    4. Draw base ten blocks for the equation 50+4.

    5. Draw base ten blocks for the equation 60+2.



    I Can...

    I can write sentences about a topic and use correct capitilization, punctuation and spelling.


    Steps of the Lesson...  Watch the videos.

    Punctuation Video

    Capitialization Video


    Work to be turned in...

    Write five complete sentences about E-learning Day.  How do you feel about learning from home on the computer?  Is E-Learning Day easy or is it hard? Do you have any questions about E-Learning Day?

    When you are finished writing, don't forget to edit your writing and make sure you do not have any mistakes.



    I Can...

    I can complete lessons on iReady at my level of ability.


    Steps of the Lesson...

    Work for 10 minutes on iReady Math.

    Log into Clever


    Work to be turned in...

    You do not need to turn in any work. I can look at the report on the website to make sure minutes have been completed.


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