ELearning 11/12/19

ELearning Day 11/12/19

  • Media Literacy- CNN 10 Student News

    I can....integrate information presented in different media or formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively, verbally) to demonstrate a coherent understanding of a topic or issue.  

    Lesson Description

    1. Watch the link for CNN 10 on Google Classroom and take notes as we do in class each day.

    Reading- Non-fiction

    I can..... determine how a central idea in a text is conveyed through particular details, and provide an objective summary of the text.

    Lesson Description

    1.Log into Newsela through Google as you do in class.

    2. Read the article, Apple Aims to Cut Carbon Footprint on News ELA. Read at 860L.

    3. Take the article quiz, making sure to use your strategies to focus in on the questions, eliminating obvious incorrect answers, and choosing the BEST choice.

    Work to be turned in- Article quiz will be submitted for a grade. (20 minutes)

    Reading- Fiction

    I can.... describe two or more characters, settings, or events in a story or play, drawing on specific details in the text, and how they impact the plot. .

    Lesson Description

    1. Read the assigned chapters, listed on your novel study packet.

    2. Complete the novel study questions that correspond with the chapters you read.

    Work to be turned in for grade- Novel Study questions. (40 minutes)

    3. Read your independent reading book for at least 40 minutes.


    I can.......summarize and paraphrase important ideas and supporting details, and include direct quotations where appropriate, citing the source of information.

    Lesson Description

    1. Go to Google Classroom and open your copy of Summary: Apple Aims to Cut Carbon Footprint.

    2. Open the article, Apple Aims to Cut Carbon Footprint in Newsela to help you write your summary.

    3.  Use the Criteria for an Effective Summary to help you make sure you include all the necessary parts in your summary.  

    4. Submit when finished.

    Work to be turned in and graded- Summary ( 30 minutes)


    5th Grade Math Group

    I can......add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals to hundredths using models or drawings and strategies based on place value or the properties of operations.

     Lesson Description

    1. Open your math book to page 76, Lesson 9: Dividing Decimals

    2.Complete pages 76-79.

    3. Work to be checked over in class on Wednesday, pages 76-79.

    (30 minutes)

    4. Log into IReady math through Clever and work on your pathway for 20 minutes.

    6th Grade Math Group

    I can.... compute with positive fractions and positive decimals using a standard algorithmic approach.

    Lesson Description

     1.Open your math book to page 119, Lesson 10: Multiply and Divide Decimals

    2.Complete pages 119- 121.

    3.  Work to be checked over in class on Wednesday, pages 119-121.

    (30 minutes)

    4. Log into IReady math through Clever and work on your pathway for 20 minutes.


    7th Grade Math Group

    I can........use proportional relationships to solve ratio and percent problems with multiple operations.

    Lesson Description

     1. Open your math book to page 124: Lesson 13A: Proportional Relationships.

    2. Complete pages 124- 127. (30 minutes)

    3. Work to be checked over in class on Wednesday, pages 124-127. 

    4. Log into IReady math through Clever and work on your pathway for 20 minutes.

     Social Studies

    Regions of the United States- Northeast Region

    I can.... identify and describe cultural and physical regions of the United States.

    Lesson Description

    1. Study your questions/study guide for the Northeast Region. You need to be able to locate each state, and answer questions about landforms and water, climate, natural resources and products, food, and culture.

    2. Work to be checked over in class on Wednesday: oral "quizzing" to gauge students' comprehension of content.

    (40 minutes)

    Art- Please be sure to go to use the link below to access your assignment for Art since it is Tuesday.