ELEARNING 11/5/2019


    I can read and interpret graphs.

    Read the instructions carefully and complete the picture graph. Please email me your submitted answers if you can. If you cannot email your answers you may turn them in on the next classroom day.



    I can determine which mathematical operations to use in real life situations involving math.

    Complete the work sheet Working With Large Population Numbers. Read the entire problem before deciding how the answer it. If you can please submit you answers through email. 



    I can read maps and interpret information that is provided on maps.

    Read the instructions and complete the table in reference to the map of Europe. You may use a calulator to complete the math portion of this assignment. Please submit your answers through email if you can.



    I can read a chart and table to find find needed information.

     Read the text about the effects of windchill. Complete the table using the windchill index chart. If you can email your answers to me. If not turn them in on our next classroom day.