• eLearning Tuesday, November 5, 2019--BLUE Day, 7th Grade Science

     ** Science classes went over the assignment on 11/1 to prepare for the ELearning Day. **

    ** Assignment is posted on Mrs. Hamann's Google Classroom**

    PART A

    1.  Use the following website to find a Science article that interests you.

    "DOGO News--Kids News Articles on Science!":  DOGO News Website

    2.  OPEN the following Google document.  Go to "File" and select "MAKE A COPY" to be able to insert your responses on your OWN document.

    Put your NAME in the title of your copied document.

    DOGO News Article Student Response Sheet

    3.  Submit to Mrs. Hamann's Google Classroom to "turn in" your ELearning assignment.  Submit by either copying the link for the Google Document OR use your Google Drive to submit to Hamann's Google Classroom


    PART B

    Continue researching your STEM Fair Project topic/idea.  Your final project board is DUE Wednesday, December 18th.  This is worth 2 Project Grades for grading period #2.  My website and Google Classroom have project ideas to search for the project you would like to conduct.