Good morning and welcome to our E-Learning Day! Please complete the assignments throughout the day so we can continue our scheduled lessons once we return to school. I will be available throughout the day via e-mail, jkorpak@mcas.k12.in.us, or Class Dojo if you have questions.

  • Due 11/8.

    E-Learning I Can Statements:


    I Can...

    I can ask questions about key details in a text.

    Assignment... Watch Theo’s New Friend on the link below.

    Theo’s New Friend

    After the story, answer these questions on a separate piece of paper.

    1.       What is the plot of the story? Remember, the plot tells the beginning, middle, and end.

    2.       How did Theo act kind in the story? Use details from the text to support your answer.

    3.       Write one question you wonder about from the story.

     Work to be turned in...paper with answers to the questions.


    I Can…write sentences using adjectives.

    Assignment...Watch the adjectives video on the link below.


    Make a list of 5 objects you see around you.  Add an adjective to describe the object.

    Example: couch= I am sitting on my comfortable couch.

    Work to be turned in...5 sentences with adjectives. 


    I Can … solve two step word problems.

    Assignment...Open the link below and pick 4 math story problems to solve.  Be sure to include a picture/model and equations to show your work.

    Math Story Problems


    Work to be turned in...4 story problems with work.



    I Can...

    I can complete lessons on iReady at my level of ability.


    Steps of the Lesson...

    Work for 10 minutes on iReady Reading.

    Work for 10 minutes on iReady Math.

    Log into Clever


    Work to be turned in...

    You do not need to turn in any work. I can look at the report on the website to make sure minutes have been completed.




     Gym - https://www.mcas.k12.in.us/Page/14789