• PE Classroom Rules

    1. Students must WALK into the gym and go to their assigned spot.

    2. Students are to RESPECT their teacher, other students, the gym, and the equipment.

    3. There is NO candy, gum, or food allowed during class.

    4. GYM SHOES must be worn or the student will not be allowed to participate.

    5. Students must keep their gym shoes on at all times because sliding is NOT allowed. 

    6. Students are NOT allowed to climb the tables, stage, or bleachers in the gym. 

    7. Gymnastics is also NOT permitted. 

    8. A doctor's note is the only excuse from class. A parent note will be accepted ONE time per semester. 

  • PE Classroom Consequences

    1. Warning - explain to the student why they have a warning.

    2. Time Out - student sits next to the stage, until I feel they are ready to come back.

    3. Reflection Sheet - students are given a reflection sheet that they need to take home, complete, have signed by their guardians, and bring back next time they have gym. 

    4. Call Home - to discuss students behavior in class or if they don't bring back the reflection sheet.

    5. Conference - set up meeting with student, guardians, principal, and myself to discuss behavior in person and what can be done to improve it.

    6. If the behavior continues, student will be given written assignments instead of allowing them to participate.