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    eLearning Day Agenda

    September 30, 2019

    8th Grade Social Studies

    I can... answer the question "How did Fidel Castro view the United States" through reading primary sources and completing a graphic organizer. 

    Indiana Standards:

    • 8.1.28 Recognize historical perspective and evaluate alternative courses of action by describing the historical context in which events unfolded.
    • 8.1.30 Using primary and secondary sources, analyze an issue confronting the United States.

    Lesson Description:

    1. Go to assigned activity posted on our Social Studies Google Classroom page.
    2. Next, open the link to the Timeline and Primary Sources pdf and read the documents.
    3. As you read, please complete the attached Google Doc "Castro Documents Corroboration" Graphic Organizer
    4. Turn in (upload) the attached and completed Google Doc on the Google Classroom assignment page. 

    If students and families have any questions about the assignments, they can message me through the Remind App or through email. I will be available through these technological platforms from 9 AM - 3 PM.

    My email is: mpol@mcas.k12.in.us