Happy 1st eLearning Day (9/30/2019)

  • Hello, 

    I will be providing accomodations and modifications for students with IEPs on eLearning Days. If your child has an IEP please read the following information. Also, feel free to explore the 'Learning Place' tab to access additional online learning resources for your child. Your child is familiar with many of these, and they are great resources for eLearning days, or any day!

    3rd Grade

    MATH- Use the attached multiplication chart to complete the multiplication/division fact family worksheet. You may print these worksheets or complete it on a seperate sheet of paper. 

    fact family 1   Fact Family 2   Multiplication Chart

    Use the attached hundreds chart to complete the double digit addition/subtraction problems. Some may require regrouping. 

    add/subtract   hundreds chart

    READING- Click on the link below to listen to the story "Smelly Socks" by Robert Munsch. 


    WRITING- On a seperate sheet of paper complete the following activity that goes along with the story: 

    The animals in this story had various strong reactions to the smell of Tina's socks. Write a sentence for each animal from the story describing what they did as a result of smelling the socks. Go back to the story as needed to complete this activity. Also remember to use correct capitalization and punctuation. 


    4th Grade

    MATH-Your child received modified math problems (Standards AT.1 and AT.3) in their e-Learning folder sent home with Miss De Leo and Ms. Law. These problems are one step as opposed to multi-step (as this is what we've been working on in Math groups). In addition, important numbers are boxed and the key words are circled in each problem.  Also, a multiplication chart was sent home for the multiplication problems, a hundreds chart was sent home for the addition and subtraction problems and a 'key words' paper was sent home to help students decide what computation strategy to use. Each of these papers were stapled to the packet. If for some reason you do not have one, please click on the links below to access them online. 

    Key Words      Multiplication Chart         Hundreds Chart

    READING- Your child should complete the assignment as directed in their packet sent home on Friday. I have also included a video on correct quotation mark usage.  Please click the link below to watch the video. 


    SCIENCE/WRITING:- You may work with your child to complete the assignment that was sent home Friday (optional) or as an alternative please have your child click on the link below to watch the video titled "Our Environment." Then, write a 6 sentence paragraph (that inludes an intro, three detail sentences and a closing) about how kids can have a positive impact on the Earth's environment.