• Digital Arts, Mrs. Rothermel, Syllabus

    Contact Information:     Phone:   Barker   (219) 873-2057 ext. 7319 

                                                       Krueger (219) 873-2061 ext. 7432

                                          Email:    krothermel@mcas.k12.in.us

    Materials Needed for Class Daily:  Composition Notebook (that will be kept at all times in the classroom), Chromebook, pencils/pens, and school planner. (We will also be using a textbook every day --but these are kept in the classroom).

    Course Description:   Students will be using computer art programs for drawing, painting, photo editing, etc.   Digital cameras and other technology will also be utilized to learn about and demonstrate knowledge of the following units of study:  line, value, texture, shape, form, space, color, balance, rhythm, movement, proportion, variety, emphasis, unity, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics. 

    Academic Expectations:  Students are expected to participate in all discussion and classroom activities (Daily Work Discussion, Project Grading & Critiques, Classroom Jobs), complete all written assignments and digital projects, and prepare for various assessments.  

    Grading:  All graded work will be averaged together.

    • Tests: Students will be tested periodically to check for student understanding of course unit material.  All tests are entered in RDS the following Wednesday of the date they are scheduled to be taken. Students will be completing their tests in class so they can use a textbook.
    • Notebooks: Students are required to complete Daily Work Artwork drawings, labels, and vocabulary words with definitions & Project Rough Drafts.  Notebooks are graded in class during our Weekly Grade Meetings.
    • Projects:  Students will be required to complete and submit weekly digital art Projects in Google Classroom.  These are graded in class on every first day of the week we meet and entered into RDS, if your project isn’t in Google Classroom at the time I am grading it in class during Critique --it will be marked Missing in RDS until you show it to me during our Weekly Grade Meeting at the end of the week.  All the links to help you do every project in Google Classroom will be provided for you as well as some Youtube tutorials.
    • Weekly Grade Meetings:  Thursdays and Fridays students will meet with the teacher to have their Notebooks graded (Rough Drafts and Daily Work Week).  Students will also be able to show the teacher any of their Missing work that they may have completed/submitted. Grades will be updated in RDS, discussed in regards to missing work, and students can ask questions/get help.

    Make Up Work:   Students who are absent are required to see Mrs. Rothermel upon their first day back to class.  If you know ahead of time that you’re going to be absent –please see me about what you’ll be missing.  Be sure to check my Weekly Lesson Plans on my Teacher Site, Google Classroom, and to also ask students in your class.  

    Late Work: I accept any and all completed work up until the last day of each grading period,with the exception of Extra Credit.  (Extra Credit is only applied the week it is assigned).  Anything that’s marked Missing in RDS still has a chance to be turned in.  I do not take points off for any missing work, but all missing work needs to be shown to me during our Weekly Grade meeting in order for me to grade/enter it into RDS (I will not go looking for it in email or in Google Classroom).

    Missing Work:  Last week’s Projects are graded/entered on the Monday or Tuesday that we meet for the week.  Last week’s tests are all entered on the following Wednesday. Notebooks are graded and entered into RDS during our weekly Grade Meetings on the Thursday or Friday that we meet.  All Missing Work from prior weeks must be shown to the teacher at the time of the weekly Grade Meeting in order for your grade to be updated in RDS --no exceptions.

    Class Critiques:   We will be doing weekly Class Critiques of your digital artwork to celebrate those who are done, help those who are not, to share ideas with one another. 

    Behavior Expectations:  Here is just a few of the examples of each category:

    1. Be Responsible:  Students are expected to be on time and prepared for class.  Students will not be allowed to leave to get materials for class once the bell has rung.   Do all of your work on time and you shall pass. Read our classroom Whiteboard and check Google Classroom daily. 
    2. Be Respectful:  to everyone –the teacher, support staff, students and yourself.  Follow all school and classroom rules at all times. Failure to do so will result in Consequences.  You do not have the right to interrupt the learning of others. 
    3. Be Ready to Learn:  Students will be expected to participate in class, in SEVERAL different ways –being quiet, listening, cleaning up, and paying attention whenever the teacher is talking.  Using your Work Time wisely by staying focused on your assignments – and not playing games and surfing around on the Internet. And being called upon during Class Critiques, Discussions, etc.

    Art Classroom Rules:  We do...

    1. Quiet
    2. Seated
    3. Nice
    4. Patient
    5. Working
    6. Respectful
    7. Raised Hand


    1. Verbal Warning/Redirection
    2. Mindful Moment/Time-Out/Think Sheet
    3. In House Exclusion with Parent/Guardian Contact
    4. Detention
    5. Referral

    *Note:  All Consequences are subject to their order of issue upon the severity of the behavior, kept on file, and scored into Behavior Grades.

    Mrs. Rothermel’s Promise to Students:  "I promise that I will protect your right to learn and love school by following our Classroom Management Plan every time a rule is broken."