• E-Learning Sep. 30, 2019

    7th Grade Language Arts (All Blocks)

    I CAN read an informational article and use the information to answer comprehensive questions, and form my own opinions on the topics discussed.

    Lesson Description:

    Students will read the CommonLit article titled:"Evening Screen Time Can Sabotage Sleep" and answer guided questions, as well as, be assessed on Informational texts and their components.

    Lesson Steps

    1. Go to CommonLit and sign in.

    2. Click on "My Assignments"

    3. You will see that a lesson has been assigned to you, "Evening Screen Time Can Sabotage Sleep".

    4. Click on the article, read and answer the Guided Reading Questions.

    5. After you finish reading the article and answer the GR Questions, complete the Assessment Questions (located on the right side of the screen labeled, "Assessment Questions")

    6. Once you have completed the assessment and submitted your answers, you have completed the assignment.

    If you have any questions, please email me: bsebert01@mcas.k12.in.us