Ms. Bohac's ELearning Day Page

Ms. Bohac's eLearning Day Page


    Greetings students!

    Today is an eLearning Day! We will not meet together in the classroom, however, you are still required to completing meaningful academic assignments designed to reinforce the content we are covering in our classes. All work is due within 3 days of a given eLearning Day. My webpage will provide accommodations and supports that you may need to complete the assignments on the math and language arts teachers' pages. Please refer to the classroom teachers' pages to get your assignments and then my page for any support being offered for the assignments. Feel free to email me with any specific concerns you may have or any support you may need. I will do my best to provide it! Remember to do you best and complete all you work on time and with good effort. Happy eLearning Day!


    Best regards,

    Ms. Bohac


    Thursday, January 30, 2020