• Important Things to Know

    Welcome to First Grade!

    Miss Pryor’s Class


    Hello Parents and my new first graders! I am so excited to begin the school year with you! Below you will find IMPORTANT RULES AND PRCEDURES regarding our classroom. Please read this carefully.

    Classroom Rules:

    1. Treat Others the Way that You Want to be Treated
    2. Raise Your Hand to Speak
    3. Stay in Your Seat
    4. Stay on Task
    5. Use Walking Feet


    Along with our classroom rules, all students are expected to follow the rules and procedures of Knapp Elementary School. (Go Knapp Knights!) Water bottles are not permitted in the classroom, (unless they are for school lunches). Students may get drinks from the water fountain. If your child has a birthday and you would like to bring in treats to celebrate, you may! Lastly, if there is a change in after-school transportation, my students will need to bring a written note from you, their parent. OR I will need to be contacted directly by you their parent via phone or email (you can also call and let the office know). I WILL NOT CHANGE STUDENTS’ AFTER-SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION OUTSIDE OF THESE GUIDELINES. It is for their safety. 



    My students will have 3 folders that will travel between home and school. They are all equally important. Please help me make sure that these folders return to school on time. Below are the folder descriptions:

    1. HOME FOLDER: Just for our class. Will go home every night. Will contain Class Newsletter, Daily Behavior Chart, and work completed for the day. NEEDS TO BE RETURNED DAILY.


    1. HOMEWORK FOLDER: Will be a Red Will contain homework assignments that will need to be returned the next day. May also contain “extra practice” work. NEEDS TO BE RETURNED DAILY.


    1. TUESDAY FOLDER: Will be Black. School-wide folder. Contains important information about events in our school, MCAS, and the community. It will also contain GRADED WORK. NEEDS TO BE RETURNED EVERY WEDNESDAY.



    We will have homework Monday-Thursday. Students will need to turn in their assignments the next day. Homework completion will be recorded. Some assignments will be graded. If my student is absent, he/she will have that many days to make-up their homework (i.e. 1 day absent = 1 day extra to make-up homework etc.). Late work will automatically receive a -1 point.

    • SPELLING WORDS: I will send home a spelling list on Monday. Please practice the list with your child. I will not be sending home spelling activities. STUDENTS DO NOT NEED TO TURN IN WORK SHOWING ME HOW THEY PRACTICED THEIR SPELLING WORDS. The spelling list will contain words that will be SIMILAR to the words on our Spelling Test. There will not be any “surprises” but the spelling test words will be slightly different. They will still contain the same phonics focus of the week. My goal is MASTERY and not MEMORIZATION.


    Flip-a-Card system. Color-coded system. Helps students to be aware of their choices and their consequences, whether positive or negative. Each card has a meaning. Color codes are below:

    Green: Excellent/Ready to Learn J

    Yellow: Warning

    Orange: Time-out Area

    Red: No Recess and Parent Contact

    Black: Go to Buddy Teacher or EAP





    I believe that good behavior should be encouraged, acknowledged, and rewarded. J We will have punch cards. When the top part is fully punched, students will receive a special treat. When the bottom portion is fully punched they will choose a prize from the treasure chest. Also to encourage responsibility, students will put a sticker on the sticker chart each time they return their folders. Once their sticker chart is full, they’ll choose a prize.





    Please contact me through phone, email, or written note. I will not be doing Class Dojo


    Phone: (219) 873- 2096

    Email: kpryor02@mcas.k12.in.us




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