Date: November 12

  • Here is where you will find the assignments listed for the Elearning day.  There will be math, reading, writing, and a link to get to the assignments for whatever special we have that day.  


    How to Log into Google Classroom.

    Go to Google.  Click on the array at the top of the screen and go to Google Classroom.  Your log in is your username +  It is an email address.  For example Miss Large's is  

    Your password is the number that you log in with at school to get onto your computer.


    Reading: I can determine the problem and solution from a passage.


    1. Click on the word document in google classroom under the Reading Assignment. Google Classroom 

    2. Read each paragraph carefully.  Try to figure out the problem and solution of the paragraph. 

    3. Type the problem and the solution in the correct spot on the chart.

    4. Click the turn in button in Google classroom when you are done with the assignment. 

    Also read for 20 minutes!!


    Math : I can solve multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction to solve two step story problems.

    1.  Go go Google Classroom.

    2.  Click on the assignment: Story problems

    3.  Complete the assignment.

    It might be easier to show multiple ways to solve the problems if you use paper and pencil.  (especially if you want to use a picture, array, or model to solve the problem)

    4.  Submit the assignment on Google Classroom when you are finished. If you used paper to solve the problem, you need to turn in the paper.


    Writing: I can determine the problem and the solution from a paragraph.

    1.  Go to the Google Classroom.

    2.  Click on the assignment: Add Periods.

    3.  Add periods to the correct places in the sentences and then in the story.

    4.  Submit the assignment.



    Gym: Gym Assignment

    Music: Music Assignment