E-Learning 9/30/2019

  • Good morning!  Welcome to our ELearning day.  Please complete the assignments throughout the day so we can continue our scheduled lessons once we return to school.  I will be available throughout the day via email or Class Dojo if you have any questions.  



    I can... describe characters' feelings and motivations throughout the story. 

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Log into Clever.

    2. Go to Google Classroom.

    3. Open the ELearning Reading assignment and listen to the story, Carla's SandwichesThen answer the questions.  Click Submit when finished. 


    Work to be turned in:  Google classroom Story questions



    I can... write sentences about a topic and use correct punctuation and capitalization.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1.  Log into Clever and go to Google classroom.  Find the ELearning writing assignment. 

    2.  Check your sentences for capitals, end marks, and complete thoughts.


    Work to be turned in:   At least 5 sentences in Google classroom



    I can solve mathematical equations using addition, subtraction, and/or multiplication.  I can also identify the place value of a digit in a number up to thousands. 

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1.  Log into Clever. 

    2.  Go to Google classroom. 

    3.  Find the Math assignment titled "ELearning Math". 

    4.  Answer the questions. Be sure to have scrap paper. Then press submit. 


    Work to be turned in: Google form 




    We have Music and Gym today.  Please click on the link below and complete the assignments.

    Art: Click on the link to go to the art site.

    Music: Click on the link to go to the Music site.

    P E: Click on the link to go to the PE site.