• Please click here for the Back to School Night Slideshow!!!!!!! This contains information about:

    • How to Access SEESAW
    • Attendance and Zoom Expectations
    • Teacher's Contact Information
    • School Supply List
    • "Things to Keep in Mind" during the Virtual Learning Experience


    Welcome to First Grade!

    VIRTUAL LEARNING Rules and Expectations

    Virtual School Day Hours for Students: 8:45am-3:00pm

    VIRTUAL Classroom Rules:

    1. Be Patient with yourself, others, and your Teacher
    2. Listen to the Person who is Speaking – Take turns Speaking
    3. Raise your hand to Speak
    4. Complete your Work
    5. Do your BEST

    Along with our virtual-classroom rules, all students are expected to follow the rules and
    expectations of Knapp Elementary School.

    ZOOM Expectations:

    Zoom is the ONLINE platform where our “live” sessions will take place. Just as if your child was
    “in class.” Here are the expectations when students are present at the Zoom “live” sessions.
    1. Be on time and present: All students should be in their first Zoom at 8:45 a.m. and will
    be finished with Zoom by 3:00 p.m..
    2. Set up in a place where you’re free from distractions.
    3. Be prepared with all of your materials/supplies (Tablets should be charged fully at
    the start of each day.)
    4. Be focused and engaged
    5. Be respectful
    6. “We’d love to see you on screen. If that can’t happen, please reach out to the teacher.”
    a. There’s always an option to have a virtual background instead of environments
    being shown.
    b. If a child is not on screen, engaging and communicating through chat is

     Attendance will be taken daily and can be viewed in Parent Access on RDS. If you do
    not know your Login Information, contact our Secretary, Kaitlyn Woods.
     Students are expected to log in AND participate in our class’ Online activities
    throughout the day to be counted as “present.’
     Students who are not engaged and present in virtual lessons and activities, during
    school hours, will be marked as absent from school for that day.

     Our grading system will follow that provided in the Student Handbook. PLEASE check
    Parent Access in RDS regularly so that you are aware of your child’s grades!
     ALL assignments will be due the SAME DAY. Unless I SPECIFICALLY state otherwise.
    If possible, try to monitor your child as they are working independently.
     NO HOMEWORK will be given.

    BEHAVIOR Consequence in the VIRTUAL CLASSROOM:
    Students are expected to be respectful and focused, even in the virtual-classroom setting. If
    students are unable to do so, here are the consequences:
    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Parent Contact
    3. Private Message to Student asking them to stop the disruptive behavior.
    4. Mute Child
    5. Place them in the Waiting Room (kind of like “virtual timeout”)
    6. Meet (virtually) with a Knapp Staff member

     SEESAW will be used to post assignments AND for communication purposes.
    There will be weekly updates about what we’re learning and general information.
     If you see that your child is struggling please contact me immediately. If you have
    questions or something is unclear, please contact me immediately.
     Please check your email for School-wide/District-wide updates through PeachJar.
     Every Sunday at 4:30pm our Principal, Mrs. Martinez will make “All-Calls” giving
    updates and important information for the entire school. Please answer the phone or
    check your voicemail so that you can be kept up-to-date on what’s happening.
     A LOT of our communication will come from SEESAW. Please
    make sure that you are signed up and connected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please contact us via phone, text, email, or SeeSaw. Any calls, texts, emails, SeeSaw
    messages sent after 4:00pm may be responded to the following day. ��


    Message on Seesaw     Email:     Phone: (219) 767-6012