the tassel is worth the hassel
  • Credit Recovery is a fast paced, accelerated program that allows the unique opportunity for students to retrieve needed credits for graduation quickly.  All students need to be successful is a willingness to use the Edmentum system technology, to work independently, to take notes, to get help when needed, and to follow through to complete all course requirements.  Course work can also be done at home on-line on a daily basis.  With true motivation and dedication, a typical semester course can be achieved on average in 20 hours! Daily attendance is critical to the continuity of the program and to making consistent progress.  
    All course tutorials, activities, and tests go in sequence and should be accomplished in order from left to right.  Each unit has specific modules to complete and there are Mastery Tests and Unit Post Tests to take at various intervals of completion, as well as an End of Semester Test at the culmination of each course.  All Post Tests and End of Semester Tests must be taken at school.  Mastery Tests can be done at home or at school and must be passed with a score higher than 60%.  Post Test scores must be 50% or better and 50% passing or better is required for the End of Semester Test.  In order to obtain credit, it is very important to master concepts along the way and to do well on the final test.  
    When reading and listening to the content in the tutorials, spending a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes on each lesson is required in order to effectively learn the content presented.  Completing the Guided Notes or handwritten notes on all tutorials is also mandatory, graded, and necessary for earning credit.  Notes are important and students can use their notes to assist them in taking all tests.  Having notepaper or a notebook and writing utensils is very helpful in class on a daily basis.  Students may bring their own headphones as well, and if needed, we will issue them a pair to use and keep in the classroom. Electronic devices such as phones and tablets are not allowed to be used during class and tests since they interfere with the learning process, and must be kept put away during class.    Students can message me if they are in need of assistance, or ask for help in class.  Ms. Arnett is the contact person for this classroom and can be reached by email or phone (219) 873- 2044  X 4522. Please feel free to email or call me at any time if you have any questions or concerns. 
     For those who have already been entered into the system, simply typing in the search bar will immediately connect students to the Edmentum website to access their assignments online. 
    Students needing additional assistancen can stay after school for Club Inspire, our after school program.  For a one-time fee of $5 which covers the entire school year, students are provided with an after school snack, tutoring help in every subject, use of computers for online courses, as well as dinner and a bus ride home.  This after school program is open Monday through Thursday and students can attend on whichever days they choose to stay after.  Forms are available here at school for students to take home and must be filled out and signed by parents before starting the program.
    We sincerely hope you will take advantage of the many opportunities there are to assist and encourage our students to learn and obtain their credits toward graduation.  We are here to help and we are all very interested in seeing each and every one of our students succeed.  We are focused on assisting all students to become college and career ready.  Have a wonderful school year!  Participate to Graduate!!!!