The TASC, or Test Assessing Secondary Completion, is designed to measure, as nearly as possible, the major and lasting outcomes (skills and concepts) generally associated with four years of regular high school instruction. There is a battery of five comprehensive examinations administered over the two-day testing period.

    Total Test Time

    Day 1:   

    Test One: Writing Skills/Essay  110 minutes

    Grammar 65 min

    Essay 45 min

    Test Two: Mathematics   105 minutes

    Calculator 55 min

    No Calculator 50 min


    Day 2:   

    Test Three: Reading    85 minutes

    Interpreting Literature and the Arts

    Test Four: Science 75 minutes

    Test Five: Social Studies 75 minutes


    NOTE: Some areas and time (minutes) may change with the TASC.

    The overall passing score is 2500, which is 500 in each subject area.


    TASC TESTING The TASC test is given at the A.K. Smith Career Center over the course of two (2) days, beginning at 9:00am each day. We will take the first 20 students who register and pay for each testing session. Pre-registration is required. All testers are required to be enrolled before taking the test. Everyone must bring an Indiana ID or driver’s license, along with the $95 testing fee. Sixteen (16) and seventeen (17) year old learners: You can ONLY test if you are enrolled in our TASC classes and have already passed a pre-TASC test. When registering for the TASC test, you must provide an exit interview from the high school, the pre-TASC test scores signed by the TASC instructor, the ID listed above, and the $95 fee. These students must have the Director and Superintendent’s signatures.


    Cancellation Policy:  In the event of a cancellation the testing candidate will receive a credit and the testing candidate will reschedule to take the HSE test at a later date.

Last Modified on July 31, 2019