• e-Learning 2/26/20


    E-Learning Day

    For today's lesson, there are three tasks that must be completed. Please read the instructions of each task carefully.


    -TASK 1: AUTHOR'S PURPOSE - Quizizz Game

    You will click the link and it will navigate you to an assignment on Quizizz. Standards Mastery is tomorrow, please study more than once. Please type first and last name to recieve credit. If there are any nicknames or inappropriate names then there will be consequences. 



    -TASK 2: 

    Please click the link to complete an assignment over The Lottery by Shirley Jackson. To begin typing, you must click File then Make a Copy. Your answers must be in full sentences and typed in RED text. I have also included a PDF version of the story just in case it is needed. 

    CLICK HERE ---> The Lottery - ASSIGNMENT

    CLICK HERE ---> The Lottery - STORY/PDF


    -TASK 3: SSR LOG

    Please take 20 minutes to read a book, magazine, and/or article. There is a section at the bottom of the document Task #2 where your SSR LOG will be completed.


    I can..

    -I can determine an author’s perspective or purpose in a text, and analyze how the author acknowledges and responds to conflicting evidence or viewpoints.

    -I can use the relationship between words to help me better understand each of the individual words. 









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