• Technology Vision, Mission Statement, Goals & Plans

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    We envision the Michigan City Area Schools Technology Community as:

    • Embracing technology to deliver instructional content to students, regardless of geographical or socio-economic barriers.
    • Infusing multiple technologies into the classrooms as a means of promoting both management of data and expansion of learning opportunities for students and staff.
    • Increasing collaboration among staff through better access to information and technology.
    • Providing rigorous professional development on current and future technologies, trends, and strategies, in an effort to improve classroom instruction and increase technology integration.


    Mission Statement

    The technology mission of Michigan City Area Schools is to offer the highest quality technology-based services; provide computing, communications infrastructure, services, support, connectivity, and innovation, that promotes the educational process for staff, students, and community members, offering opportunities to help pursue life-long learning.


    Technology Goals (Support for Teaching and Learning)

    • To ensure ongoing, sustained professional development for teachers, library media specialists, and administrators in the use of all current and future technologies
    • To provide staff development to teachers and administrators in the use of various technologies in the classroom
    • To facilitate a wide array of teaching strategies implementing the use of technology
    • To provide teachers with curriculum opportunities in the use of technology
    • To integrate the use of technology across the curriculum
    • To ensure access to the best teaching practices and curriculum resources available
    • To continually study and research new applications of technology for curricular enhancements
    • To partner with parents, business, and community in implementing technology education across the curriculum
    • To provide students with the most advanced technology available
    • To provide an atmosphere of high expectations for students' success in the use and understanding of technology
    • To seek funding sources that will enable the acquisition of new technology
    • To optimize the use and effectively manage the use of existing technology


    Provide staff with training and support necessary to help students integrate the use of technology into their daily lives

    • Identify the critical skills needed by staff members to help all students learn through computers and through the Internet
    • Identify the strengths and needs of staff relative to the critical skills
    • Provide ongoing training and support programs to meet identified needs in order to assure teacher competence Ensure staff and students have access to technologies which are up to date and current
    • Use the current inventory to determine the need for computers and peripherals
    • Determine technology needs of special populations
    • Develop a fiscal strategy to cycle out old/damaged equipment
    • Identify funding sources and develop a purchasing plan
    • Continue to implement wide area network capabilities throughout the district Provide students access to software and on-line resources aligned to Indiana Academic Standards
    • Enhance uses of technology throughout the curriculum