• Kindergarten E Learning Day 

    February 12, 2019



    1. ABC chart: Say the letters, sounds and pictures for every letter of the alphabet.Alphabet chart
    2. I CAN RECOGNIZE MY SIGHT WORDS. Sight word practice click here
    3. *I CAN LISTEN TO A STORY, IDENTIFY MAIN CHARACTER AND PICK OUT IMPORTANT DETAILS FROM A NONFICTION TEXT.                                                   Listen to the book, “I am Rosa Parks” by clicking on the following link.

                   I Am Rosa Parks

    After listening, ask your student to share the main character of the story and talk about what made Rosa Parks brave. Take this time to ask your child if they remember the other 2 important people we have talked about so far for Black History Month. If they don't remember, ask them who Martin Luther King was and who Ruby Bridges is. No paper work for this one. I'd just like you to have a chance to speak with your child about these amazing people and how they helped change our country for the better!


     We have been learning how to write "How To" pieces. Please help your child think of something they know how to do(i.e. brushing teeth, tying shoes, getting ready for school, kick a ball, etc.) On 3 pieces of paper, have your kiddo draw a picture and write one sentece on each page for 3 steps. We have been working on using the words first, next, and then. Slowly stretch the sounds out for each word in the sentence, while your student is writing the letters that match the sounds. PLEASE DO NOT SPELL THE WORDS FOR YOUR CHILDREN AS WE ARE WORKING HARD ON INVENTIVE SPELLING IN CLASS. If you have a stapler at home, feel free to staple it together to make a book! Turn this in the next day we have school.

    1. MATH:  I CAN COUNT TO 100 BY ONES AND TENS.                                               Have your child practice counting orally from 1 to 100 by 1’s and 10’s.
    2. Have your child count and exercise with the following videos:                                                                                                                                                                                   DJ Count
    3. number chart                                                                                                                                           Play math stepping game! Have your child stand up in one spot. Tell them either plus or minus any number under 10. If you say plus, they need to take that many steps forward. If you say minus, take that many steps backwards. For example, if I said plus 2, they'd take 2 steps forward. If I said minus 8, 8 steps backwards. Play as long as your child enjoys it! :-)


    1. If we have a special on this day, please follow the link below to complete their specials homework.

    Gym: Monday/FridayGym

    Music: Monday/Friday

    Art: Tuesday