Missing Work Day Gr's 7 & 8 2-1-2019

  •  Missing Work



    Good morning Coders!

    We have had a wonderful mini-vacation and it seems that we have 2 more hours left before it all ends. Today's assignment is for those of you who have NOT turned in your eLearning assignments, to get them done today! Once you get behind in your work it will be very difficult to catch up. I will be updating the grades soon and those who have not done your work will see it reflected in your grades. Whoray to those who are completely done!!! I applaud you for being Scholarly!!! If you are done and you would like some extra credit, condinue to post comments on the blogsite by responding to your classmates. Make it a real conversation and send me the screenshot; you will be rewarded!!! So if needed, PLEASE take the time to get caught up today. All of your assignments are posted under the eLearning tabs. If you have questions, just ask.

    See you soon!

    Dr. G. Davis