• e-Learning 01/31/20


    E-Learning Day


    For today's lesson, there are three tasks that must be completed.


    Please click the link and play the game. I should get the score immediately but just in case, please send a screenshot to my email. 


    CLICK HERE ---> Quizizz Game


    -TASK 2: Common Lit 

    You will click the link and it will navigate you to Common Lit. You will read the article titled, "The Race Factor in Trying Juveniles as Adults."

    Please answer the following questions to submit them for grading. 

    CLICK HERE ---> Common Lit


    -TASK 3: SSR LOG

    Please take 20 minutes to read a book, magazine, and/or article. 



    I can..

    -I can use the relationship between words to help me better understand each of the individual words. 

    -I can recognize examples of key pieces in a text that support my thoughts and inferences about a piece of information text. 


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