E-Learning Dec. 12th
  •   Wednesday, January 30, 2019


    I can... read and comprehend a non-fiction article.

    I can... read grade level material fluently.

    Steps of the Lesson

    1. Click here Google Classroom to access your Google Classroom.  You will need to sign in to your Google account. (username@mcas.k12.in.us).  

    2. Scroll down to the assignment that says "Readworks: Trash and Recycling"

    3. Click on the link for the Recycling passages

    4. Read both texts and answer the comprehension questions

    5. Submit when finished

    4. Click submit

    Work to be turned in:  Readworks comprehension questions.  (Remember, I can see your progress!!  Take your time!)


    I Can...determine the meaning of unknown words using context clues.

    Steps of the lesson:

    1. Return to the Readworks article, "Trash and Recycling".

    2.  Choose 5 unknown words and determine what you think the meaning is.

    3.  Check the actual definition using Meriam Webster's Dictionary for Kids.  (The same one we use in class.)  You can use this link to get there.  Dictionary for kids

    4.   On your own paper, write the dictionary definition for each word, and a new sentence using each word. (5 definitions and 5 sentences).  Be sure to use correct capitalization and punctuation!

    Work to be turned in:  5 definitions and 5 sentences on your own paper to be turned in when we return to class.



    I can...participate in IReady lessons designed for my current level.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Log in to Clever through the school homepage.  

    2. Click on IReady

    4.  Complete 30 minutes of this week's required time on your IReady math pathway.


    Work to be turned in:  Pathway minutes will be reviewed by teacher.  


    Social Studies

    I Can...identify important facts in 3 videos about the United States

    1.  Click on the links below to access videos about the 50 states and capitals, the U.S. Presidents, and the countries of our world.  (Don't worry, I think you'll like today's videos.  They're my favorites!!  

    2. "Animaniacs, Wakko's 50 States and Capitals"  Wakkos 50 States

    3. "Animaniacs, Countries of the World"  Countries of the World

    4. "Animaniacs, Presidents Song"  Presidents Song  * I know the video ends with President Clinton.  It was made quite awhile ago.  ;)

    5. On your own paper, write 10 fun facts you found in the videos.

    Work to be turned in:  10 United States fun facts written on your own paper to be turned in when we return to class.


     *We have Art today.  Please click on Mrs. Ledyard's link below.


    P.E. (Mondays and Thursdays)  Mr. Lasky

    Music (Mondays and Thursdays)  Mrs. Gast

    Art (Wednesdays) Mrs. Ledyard