• e-Learning 09/30/19


    E-Learning Day


    For today's lesson, there are three tasks that must be completed.


    You will click the link and it will navigate you to NEWS ELA. You will read the article titled, "Aleppo: A Symbol of Destruction" and answser the questions and writing prompt that follows. I will get your scores immediately and remember you have to sign in with CLEVER.

    CLICK HERE ---> News ELA - Aleppo: A Symbol of Destruction


    TASK 2: VOCAB 

    You will click the link and it will navigate you to Quizlet. Click "LEARN" and study for approximately ten minutes. Then study using "GRAVITY" and "MATCH" for about ten minutes. You will have a vocabulary test this Friday over these 20 words and their definitions. I can also monitor your progress on studying. 

    CLICK HERE ---> Refugee Vocab Weeks 3 and 4


    TASK 3: Khan Academy

    Take time to get some lessons done on Khan academy. Your progress should be at 100% by October 11th.


    I can..

    -I can use the relationship between words to help me better understand each of the individual words. 

    -I can recognize examples of key pieces in a text that support my thoughts and inferences about a piece of information text. 

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